As an author of erotic romance, Lisa Bradley enjoys delving into the emotional side of relationships and focusing on the all-important chemistry that draws two people together. 

Whether her stories revolve around the sparks that fly during the getting-to-know-you stage or those make-or-break moments in long-term relationships, you'll find warm, engaging characters, glimpses of humour, and realistic encounters to which you can relate. 

Join her characters as they let go and open themselves up to new experiences, learning more about what they want - and need - on their sensual journeys. 

My current project is a novella titled More Than a Fling, which is an extension of a short, three part story I wrote a few years ago. The finished product will be around 40,000 words, and I'm expecting that these two characters are going to be keeping me busy for the next few months! Following on from that I have another novella in the works, a story revolving around a one-night stand which unexpectedly turns into something more. 

Feedback is important for writers. Whether it's constructive criticism, praise or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. 

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